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Pest control services

Our service specializes in the permanent removal of insects, insects, small rodents and bugs from residential buildings. For the purpose of the service, we use technological means, preparations, and chemicals approved for use in populated areas.

Price for Inspection: £35.00










Pest Control Experts

Among the options you can offer are:

  • chemical means of dealing with insects
  • biological alternatives

This type of service is suitable for sleeping areas, kitchens, bathrooms, houses, residential areas, as well as for specific parts of the building such as flooring, pantry, tiles, wardrobes, etc.

Definitely to get the desired effect is the need to do right:

  • Inspecting the situation to determine the correct method;
  • Professional implementation of the ways to deal with the fossil;
  • Taking into consideration the health status of residents, pets, children, and others.

You can use several types of services:

  • one-off when dealing with smaller scale problems;
  • a series of treatments on parts of the premises;
  • prophylactic methods;
  • annual maintenance for the prevention of invasion of the fish.

Why it is essential to use a savings control company

  • Protect your health (equipment and pro-service tools required).
  • You get the effect you want, and you deal with the problem.
  • You avoid a situation of wrong treatment or categorization of insects.

Insect Control

Our team will do the necessary inspection so that we can effectively deal with the problem.


complete spraying of the rooms with a preparation that removes the current problem and prevents subsequent occurrences of the fish.


The right way to fight the problem with invaders in your property.

Rodent control

Modern methods to solve that issue.

Pest Control with durable effect

Really, what to expect:

  • Equipped team with professional tools.
  • Right chemicals, methodology, and machines.
  • Apply the pest treatment correctly.

What affect the price:

  • Types of pests
  • area size
  • what is required

What we are doing:

  • inspect the situation
  • apply the correct methods
  • fix the problem
  • check what's the reason for this problem
  • recommended maintenance (if necessary)
  • prevent the further problem (if possible)

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