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Handyman services

Every home or office sometimes needs to fix some small issues that are spoiled or just need to be replaced/repaired. Very often, for a little while, expensive tools have to be taken, a lot of time is spent in order to do a good job and follow the instructions, and eventually get it right.

To solve this problem and to have a quick solution at a reasonable price, we offer professional Handymen.

  • Why choose our service:
  • We have a lot of experience, and we know how to fix things.
  • We offer performance consistent with the safety instructions.
  • We have all the tools we need.
  • We respond quickly to the needs of our customers.

Odd Jobs

Furniture Assembly

TV Mounting



Interior Painting

Gas, Boiler



Living Room



Kids' Room

Club 360 Handyman

We're the handyman team:

  • professional equipment;
  • skilled and trained team;
  • experienced handymen.

What are the most common repair needs:

  • assembling of furniture;
  • repair a bathroom problem;
  • TV mounting;
  • lock changes;
  • appliance installations;
  • furniture assembly.

We know how to do the job and provide the necessary home repairs to any home in London.

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