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Wood Floor Sanding Service

The floors of each house, apartment, building, commercial area, or public places are often heavily worn out. It makes an impression when you look down to the floor.

As the central part of every room, the floor has a tremendous impact on comfort and coziness. His condition strongly affects:

  • reflection of the light in the room.
  • furniture, cabinets, chairs, wardrobes, and accessories.
  • the stability of the tables and chairs.
  • stopping air currents from the sub-floor.
  • preserving the healthy condition of carpets and other pavements.

Keeping the floor stable is an important part of every home. This can be done once in a more extended period (3,5 or 7 years) or periodically (with pro maintenance).


Wood Sanding

Repair & Reclaiming

Polishing & Finishing


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Sanding of wooden floors

Wood flooring is the service that can restore the good look of the floor as well as completely renovate it. It includes many professional procedures such as:

  • leveling and repairs of the sub-floor surface.
  • replacement of beams, boards, and railings.
  • changing the nails, and harder nailing.
  • gap filling (fill holes) with a mixture or small boards.
  • tight sealing of the top level.
  • fine sanding (also known as light scrubbing)
  • sanding of the upper layer of the wood
  • staining (coloring, which is optional)
  • finishing, waxing, varnishing, or oiling.
  • Polishing to obtain a shiny and sparkling or matte effect.

This sequence is for a one-stop service, but you can choose a sub-service only (outside of the full package). In principle, old wood flooring can be used, as well as new floors for which unfinished boards are used.

Sanders - the flooring restoration experts

Real experts (skilled, trained, educated, experienced) manage this service with long experience. We know what is important to achieve the best possible results at a great price.

Among the basic principles applied by our professionals are:

  • high-quality professional machines
  • sandpaper from any kind, tools, power extensions
  • maximum dustless process
  • reducing process noise
  • protecting the room, skirting and furniture from damages/pollution

Each of our clients benefits from professional estimation before starting work, good attitude, and strict adherence to deadlines.

What effect can you expect - Before & After Sanding

  • a lasting effect of the work done
  • complete renovation of the floor vision
  • renovating the wooden floor as close as possible to its natural appearance
  • quality work is done

Why is it important to enjoy professional floor restoration?

  • do not break the wooden floor during work;
  • do not damage walls, doors and other parts of the room;
  • the service with insurance cover;
  • the exact methods, instruments, and mixtures are applied;
  • saves time and money;
  • the desired effect is achieved within the specified period.

Types of wood

  • Victorian Pine
  • Oak
  • Exotic
  • Particleboard
  • Cork
  • Bamboo

Types of wooden floor

  • Hardwood
  • Parquet
  • Solid wood
  • Parquet
  • Engineered wood
  • Herringbone

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