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Every kitchen needs some repairs from time to time, it's the busiest premise in the property. It may include issues with the furniture, cabinets, floors, plumbing, painting, or something else.

It's always better to fix the problems right on time before it becomes necessary to make an entire renovation.

All kitchen repair services

  • Floor restoration, sanding, reclaiming, refinishing;
  • Cabinets repairs, replacement, or improvement;
  • Fixing problems with stove and backsplash;
  • Countertop/worktops replacement, renovation, and fixations;
  • Unit replacement, if the damage can not be repaired;
  • Cupboard door repairs;
  • Removing scorch marks on kitchen units;
  • Expert oven burn restoration;
  • Replacing worn-out drawer slides;
  • Repair of a broken drawer box;
  • Filling holes in the cabinets, worktops, etc.;
  • Adjusting wrong installations;
  • Placing bumpers at top and lower corners;
  • Doors repair on the best possible way;

Why Choose us for Kitchen repairs

  1. The job is done always on time;
  2. Quick estimates, no hidden fees;
  3. Expert finishers with 20+ years of experience;

Usually, the repair is made in the same day;

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