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Expert Kitchen Installation

Every new kitchen requires lots of attention, details, and planning. The installation indeed is just a process for properly fitting all the furniture, accessories, and details. But, it has to be done by a professional. Otherwise, the whole investment in kitchen renovation doesn't make any sense.

The installation is divided into two types (fitting only or installation and planning), because every household may have different needs.

Kitchen installation with planning

This type of service is a complete solution, and you don't have to buy the kitchen yet. The service includes:

  • On-site visit in a convenient time for you; - consultation about everything you want to achieve,
  • Space measuring - room height, walls width and length,
  • Mapping the premise - windows, lights, door, table and fridge location, etc.
  • Offering different types of shapes (U, L, Straight Life, Gallery, etc.).

After a discussion and organizing all the necessary things, we will provide an offer with:

  • All the details about the kitchen design;
  • What accessories to choose;
  • Timing and pricing for our service;

Actually, that's the best way to start with a new kitchen installation because every detail will be discussed with a professional.

Installation of already bought kitchen

In case you already passed this step and you have bought the kitchen, it's always better to use a professional service for the fitting.

In this case, the service includes:

  • Preparation of the entire kitchen;
  • Walls and floor leveling;
  • Plumbing, gas, heating;
  • Everything else required.

Kitchen installation service

The real service is the installation. It's a process of gathering all the elements on the possible way (following the best practice, and the technical instructions).

It's a combination of different fitting processes:

  1. Stove and backsplash installation and connection with the gas;
  2. Cabinets fitting with all the elements like hinges, handles, doors;
  3. Placing all the built-in appliances properly;
  4. Sink fitting and connecting to the water supply system;
  5. Fixing units to the wall;
  6. Flooring (if necessary);
  7. Kitchen countertop installation (and refinishing if necessary);
  8. Preparing a map for all the accessories like the fridge, microwave, blenders, etc.
  9. Blinds, shades, and shutters;
  10. Doors and windows installation;
  11. Lightning and ceiling fan fixing and connecting;

In other words, we offer complete installation of everything, join all the accessories, and improve the entire premise (if necessary).

Kitchen installation price - cost estimates

The price always matters, but the final result is more important. In case you're looking to know what the price will be, it's necessary to be sure what has to be done.

To get an accurate price, it's highly recommended to talk with a kitchen fitter first.

In general, it's always better to book an on-site visit and estimation on the spot. Our mission is to provide a precise quote with no extra costs needed.

What's our kitchen installation service:

  • We offer a good price with minimum optional extra costs;
  • The process is always done on time;
  • We do everything that is required to achieve a fantastic result;
  • We can finish installation of other fitters (if you have problems with them);

Sometimes the kitchen units don't fit properly due to some errors, and they have to be fixed.

All kitchen fitters are insured with liability insurance, and we have a comprehensive two-year workmanship guarantee.

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