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Every bathroom needs some repairs from time to time. It's a place with a lot of humidity which may cause lots of problems. In most cases, the repair has to be done quickly. This may stop bigger problems, flooding the neighbors, or more serious damages.

Types of bath repairs:

1/ Urgent repairs - we all know that sometimes, there unexpected problems that have to be fixed as soon as possible

2/ Regular repairs - changing the tiles, fixing problems with the bathtub, replacing part of the sink, etc.

3/ Replacements - there are many examples of why it is better to replace an element. In many cases, it's the best solution.

4/ Seasonal repairs - this part includes small floor restorations, repainting the walls, changing the plumbing, decorations, etc.

How does it work

It's necessary to arrange an on-site visit for complete estimation about the required repairs. For urgent situations, it's always better to book a visit by phone.

Usually, a repair takes about a few hours to solve the problem. But, depending on the size of the repairs, it may take more time.

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